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The quiz at the end of today's lesson is about aural identification of major, minor, augmented, and diminished chords. The lecture section will give you a chance to practice again on identifying the different sounds of the four different types of chords.

Here is a reminder of what the four types of chords subjectively sound like:

major - consonant and bright
minor - consonant and sad
augmented - dissonant and harsh
diminished - dissonant and mysterious

Students should notice this "coloring" of the sound of these different types of chords.

Term a Day

Throughout this course of Music Theory 099 you have been offered a "Term a Day". Here is another:

tritone - the interval of a augmented 4th or a diminished 5th

The note F# is a tritone higher that the pitch C.

C to Gb is also a tritone.

F# and Gb are enharmonic and are three whole steps higher than C. The interval has a dissonant sound.

The Interval Dictation section will give you experience with the Perfect 4th and 5th and tritone intervals.

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