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Rhythmic Dictation

At the beginning stages of rhythmic dictation, the most important habit that the student can develop is to write the rhythm as it is heard.

Do not try to memorize the rhythm and then write it down.

Theo Playing Drums

Students who memorize and then re-write the rhythm will be successful early and have great difficulties later.

Please develop the habit of taking dictation as the rhythm is heard.

Cave Drawing

Theo has demonstrated how to take rhythmic dictation for exercises containing whole, half, quarter and eighth notes. Immediately upon hearing the "next" note, make your mark to indicate the "previous" note. Tap your toe to help you feel the beat. Listen to the rhythm as much as needed.

First write the rhythm on the rhythmic dictation template, then transfer the rhythm to the screen. Today's Rhythmic Dictation has four examples containing whole, half, quarter, and sets of eighth notes.

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